Franklin is in Indian market since 1965 and has introduced sophisticated molecules, covering a wide therapeutic range. Company has established its strong presence and respectable status in ethical pharmacy industry. Franklins weapons are sophisticated molecules delivered through an assay of innovative dosage forms at affordable prices.

Franklin personnel are working hard to emerge as a strong marketing company and be amongst the top pharmaceutical companies of northern region. Company has strong presence in Antimicrobials, Analgesics & Anti-inflammatory, Anti-asthmatics, Gastro-Enter logy, Dental & Dermatology segments. The company has wide range of formulations in anti-microbial segment hence making it its core competence area. The current corporate goals of Franklin is to have a sizeable share of antibiotics, dermatology & gastroenterology market.

Company’s Strategy
  • To develop innovative formulations for masses.
  • To gain world-wide presence.
  • Marketing & technical tie-up.

Company’s Philosophy
  • Our biggest investment is on our human capital.
  • We believe very strongly about training, developing & evolving our own people.


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